160 PSI High-Pressure Portable Pump
160 PSI High-Pressure Portable Pump
160 PSI High-Pressure Portable Pump
160 PSI High-Pressure Portable Pump

160 PSI High-Pressure Portable Pump

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160 PSI high pressure portable manual pump, made of aluminum alloy with surface treatment technology, making this pump much more durable and resistant. It can be installed under the water bottle holder, suitable for various vehicles.

With a weight of 115g and a folding size of 21cm, this mini pump is the ideal bicycle accessory for anyone who needs an efficient pump without heavyweight. With a concealed hose with an air pressure gauge, which shows the air pressure in real-time during use.



Name: 160 PSI High-Pressure Portable Pump

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Black

Weight: 115g

Folding size: 21cm

Max PSI: 160 PSI

Other features: Hose attachment


Meet the world’s first foldable biometric bike guard. ZiiLock is a frequent commuter's best mate. It adopts advanced communication technology & minimalist design to offer proactive protection while folding for convenient storage.

ZiiLock innovates with:
✔ 3 secure unlocking methods: fingerprint, Bluetooth, and spare key
✔ 98cm heat-treated steel material
✔ Anti-Shear of 12-Ton Hydraulic Cutter
✔ Always-on theft alert
✔ Durable IP67 waterproofing
✔ AES 128 Encryption
✔ Lock sharing: grant access to your ZiiLock 

You Are The Key To ZiiLock

Fingerprint Unlock

508 DPI high-res capacitive sensing touch panel allows a safer and faster keyless unlocking operation - 0.5 sec quick entry.

Smartphone Unlock

With an always-on Bluetooth connection pairing the ZiiLock to your smartphone, only a single tap is needed to wake your ZiiLock and instantly unlock it.

Keep Unwanted Guests Out

Theft alert provides the bike an extra layer of protection. Get notified via the APP when someone is tampering with your bike.

AES 128 Encryption

All the wireless communications are encrypted by AES 128 security. Say goodbye to the tedium brought on by old-school locks.

Anti-Shear of 12-Ton Hydraulic Cutter

Tested to withstand up to a 12-Ton hydraulic cutter attack. ZiiLock supports you with excellent resistance that even a professional thief cannot surpass easily. 

Lock Sharing

Grant someone access to your ZiiLock through a temporary code. Share the joy and safety with friends or family.

People Love Us

ZiiLock comes with different unlocking methods: you can use key, app and fingerprint to unlock the it. Its anti-temptation function range lasts about 100 meters via Bluetooth connection and the lock position can be displayed in your phone.


ZiiLock is a good portable bicycle lock that can be deployed and expanded. In fact, you can lock the bicycle to a pole or bicycle rack, or you can lock two bicycles together at the same time. You can take it with you wherever you want to go without feeling heavy. It has fingerprints, making it easier to unlock. I like it.

Billy Santos

Tech Specs

Size 195 x 75 x 45mm
Net Weight
1.6 kg
Battery Capacity 3.7V/640mAh
Connection Mode Low power consumption Bluetooth
Encryption AES 128
Charging Port USB Type-C
Unlocking Methods Fingerprint / APP/ Mechanical key
Supported Device iOS 10.0/ Android 6.0 Or Above

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